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Slime Volley 2.4 !

PostPosted: 24 Nov 2008, 19:43
by VinDuv
And finally, the long-awaited 2.4 version is available...
It is more or less like the unstable 2.3 version, so I will not repeat the changes (in French) since Slime Volley 2.2.
But this stabilized version has some improvements to its own :
  • 800-pixels wide (NetBook's) screens are now compatible with Slime Volley, even if they have less than 600 pixels height.
  • More than four network players can be used without crashes.
  • The Artificial Intelligence is now fully compatible with the multiplayer mode.
  • Ball distribution is now more coherent : at the start of a set, it is always the player near the edges of the screen who gets the ball (or most balls).
  • FPS and permanent score display can now be disabled. This can improve game speed on a vintage computer.
  • Slime Volley can now be installed on Windows without administrator privileges.
    From a technical point of view :
  • The theme manager was rewritten in a more modular way, in order to follow some systems specificities when loading game resources.
  • The code was checked (and fixed) with the help of the Valgrind tool. The current version should not have any memory leaks or corruption.

Of course, we are counting on your participation : report any bugs you find, and do not hesitate to send us your own graphical creations ("slime" skins, game theme...)