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[en] english-language forum

PostPosted: 18 Apr 2010, 03:26
by qubodup

I'm the admin at freegamedev who created the forum for slime volley on the old forums . I didn't re-create them because they seemed dead to me and nobody contacted me because of them.

Since you have your own forum, why not create an english-language subforum? It'd be better for your community not to be split into two forums IMHO.

Re: [en] english-language forum

PostPosted: 19 Apr 2010, 08:47
by MCMic
I don't know, we thought we would have more people on our english forum if it was on freegamedev.

But here or on freegamedev, we never had a non-french community. (or even a few non-french contributors or reviews)