Themes for Slime Volley!

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Themes for Slime Volley!

Postby MCMic » 28 Feb 2013, 19:04


My research for themes for the next version of Slime Volley has been successful!
Not a lot of people participated, but they provided several themes.
Leovilok, who did the first participation, the pacman theme, did 3 more themes!
The tux theme, the underwater theme, and the botlab theme.
I let you discover these 4 themes:
Aymeric did 2 themes, a Lime Volley theme, and a Mondrian one. He also did an insect theme that I was not able to test yet.

That's all for now, I just wanted to show these great themes, at least to be sure no one does a theme on the same idea that an existing one, and to show there is some progress.
We're not that far of a release in theory, I can' t assure if it will come any time soon…
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