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Slime Volley goes in Debian, and the 2.4.2 is out!

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2010, 15:52
by MCMic
After a lot of works on licenses, copyright, the replacement of sounds that were not under the proper license, Slime Volley finally made it to Debian!
The package is in unstable, and it'll go in testing under 10 days unless something goes wrong.
I think that also mean it will be in the next Ubuntu version, but I'm not sure how that works.

We also release the 2.4.2 version of Slime volley
There is only a few modifications but we wanted to release what we've done as we won't develop this version anymore (unless majors bugs are found).
We intent to do Slime Volley 3.0 in C++ using the box2d engine, but we don't have enough free time to start this now. (I'm busy with other projects : Lugaru, StripEd and OpenStreetGame (comming soon) and VinDuv is busy with work and studies.)

So here is the light changelog for this version :
  • Difficulty level are now available for AIs (4 levels, the hardest is the one from 2.4.1)
  • Bugfix on the arrow that show the ball when it's out of view
  • Bugfix of a crash at the end when sound is on
  • The network sound handling has been improved
  • Desactivation of window animation under Mac OS X
  • New sounds (for license reasons)
  • Check of all copyrights and licenses, some corrections